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Let’s improve your athletic performance.

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It’s time to resolve old and new pain, prevent injury and restore mobility. Our goal is to offer the latest and leading therapies to resolve muscle/joint dysfunction and improve overall performance.

New Sound Health believes in treating each patient with a comprehensive strategy involving physical adjustments, soft tissue/muscle therapy, neuro-muscular reeducation, nutritional support, and health planning.

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Located in the heart of Miami, our highly effective treatment strategies for musculo-skeletal conditions are designed to accurately diagnose and resolve issues in the shortest amount of visits possible. Many complaints are significantly improved after the first evaluation/treatment visit and many have been fully resolved in as little as 2-3 visits.

We specifically diagnose and treat using the latest evidence based research. Whether your a professional athlete or not, you need your complaints to be treated fast and effectively every time so you can resume your activities as soon as possible. Wan’t more? Go beyond pain relief. We offer assessment and treatment strategies to improve your function in sports, weight-lifting, hobbies, occupation, and activities of daily living. Unlock your athletic performance you didn’t know you had.

Many choose to go beyond initial treatments and continue to improve their balance, posture, motor patterns, gait, nutrition, and ranges of motion, for overall improved sound function and sound health.


James Piccolino is a Chiropractor who enjoys working on the many people of South Florida. Even though his focus is on athletes, he believes that everyone can benefit from a sports orientated chiropractor because they use a symptom based approach coupled with evidence driven techniques that demand improvement. Dr. Piccolino is currently pursuing a Diplomate in Sports and is very active in South Florida’s CrossFit community where he volunteers emergency medical services at events and can be found giving health talks and RockTaping seminars. Dr. Piccolino also offers Miami CDL exams for truckers and professional drivers.


David Piccolino is a Chiropractor with a passion for mobility, performance, and recovery.

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Treatments by appointment only.  

Insurance accepted. Located above Crossfit Downtown Miami (second floor)                       

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Also visit us for CDL Exams in Miami.

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